Patrizia Totaro

Patrizia Totaro Expert of World’s leading luxury goods, a specialist in WW Customer Experience & Insight Advanced, Global Group CRM Director Linkedin Twitter Facebook

Ludovico Ruggeri Laderchi

Ludovico is an independent consultant partnering with luxury and consumer goods companies in realizing ambitious goals. With a personal passion for data, analytics, and AI he likes always experimenting with new ways of getting things done.
Professionally he grew up in consulting – he has been a senior manager of Bain&Co Luxury practice – before maturing management experience in the operations areas of two major fashion brands.
“Moffu is a unique vantage point on great talents and interesting businesses “

Dahir Addo Arbo

I have over 20 years of experience in the Fashion Industry working in sales and business development across most international markets.
I believe that Moffu is the perfect venue where to connect with new trends and disruptive ideas. It combines creativity, innovation, solid business experience, and fun. At Moffu you can learn from others and share your knowledge while helping brilliant entrepreneurs to develop their successful business models.