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Piermaria Zambon


Andrea Zambelli

Andrea is a passionate senior executive in innovative and traditional food, with 20+ years of specific experience as General Manager/CEO in more countries, having always brand and channel management at the core of the different business propositions, healthily combining vision, numbers, and operational plans. He directly managed business in alternative protein, frozen food, ice cream, confectionery, and bakery. One of the most recent members, as soon as he got aware of the Moffu reality he jumped in it without hesitation, to be challenged by the wide spectrum of business opportunities to be exposed to and aiming to leverage his experience with a «giving back» mindset. Always excited by new business ideas and in meeting/supporting hungry and daring entrepreneurs. And all that in the warm and friendly Moffu environment!

Stefano Visalli

Oxy Capital (Founder & Managing Partner) – Epic (Founder & Board Member) – McKinsey & Co (Director) – Ministero dell’Economia (Membro della Commissione Tecnica sulla Finanza Pubblica).

Giuseppe Vironda

Passionate about people and technology. Marketing & Digital Executive in Telecom, Media, Fintech, Retail.

Stefano Travaglia

Stefano is currently working in Satispay, as Corporate Service Director in charge of developing a new business line in the b2b area Previously Stefano worked for several years in some consulting firms, KPMG and Accenture, before starting his own company in 2017: AdvisorEat, which is a restaurant reward program for business people. Advisoreat was acquired by Satispay. During November 2021 Stefano jumped on the other side and became a Moffu Labs equity partner, previously Moff Labs had been a shareholder of AdvisorEAT

Patrizia Totaro

Patrizia Totaro Expert of World’s leading luxury goods, a specialist in WW Customer Experience & Insight Advanced, Global Group CRM Director Linkedin Twitter Facebook

Gianangelo Tizzoni

Gianangelo Tizzoni TBW Linkedin Twitter Facebook

Nicola Tanzini

n 2001, he started Intarget, a consultancy with offices in Europe and China to serve global businesses. He is enthusiastic about communication, marketing, and martech. In 2017, he formalizes his investing activities by establishing Digital Hub, a MISE-certified incubator and accelerator.

Principles of our work

Customer focus

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Complex approach

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