More than simple seed finance… a valuable motivated combination of brains and scars, lined up for start-ups to benefit from!

Alberto Calcagno

Equity Partner

Telecom senior executive

Alberto Ragni

Equity Partner

Procurement & Facility Management Director

Alberto Rivolta

Retail, Media, Publishing and Insurance industry, Digital and Ecommerce, Strategy and Transformation

Alceo Rapagna

Founding Partner

Passionate about innovation and change management

Alessandro Africani

Equity Partner & CEO

SME business consultant, tax expert, auditor, startup passionate.

Alessandro Baroni

Equity Partner

International executive, passionate about entrepreneurship and disruptive ideas

Alessandro Floris

Equity Partner & COO

Entrepreneur, Advisor and Investor

Andrea D’Angelo

Equity Partner

Advisor & Angel Investor, Former Senior Partner at EY

Andrea Gnetti

Equity Partner

Managing Director Consulting

Andrea Rapaccini

Equity Partner

Music & Arts, Welfare and Commons, Sustainable development

Andrea Salmaso

Equity Partner

Passion for innovation, determination to reach targets and organization to make things happen

Andrea Zambelli

Equity Partner

International FMCG/food executive, former VP for Nestlé Corporate

Anna Maria Bulgheroni

Equity Partner

Entrepreneur looking for unicorns. Food and beverage expert.

Anthony Romano

Equity Partner

Strategic Advisor, Influencer and Executive Leader. Serial Entrepreneur and Investor. Attracted to P…

Antonio Costa

Equity Partner

Trustworthy, analytical & operational executive, passionate about discovering new challenges and tir…

Benoit Hanssen

Equity Partner

Telecom Senior Executive & Entrepreneur

Carlo Salomoni

Equity Partner

Direttore Qualità presso Prada Group

Claudio Farina

Equity Partner

Curious mind, passionate about driving strategy through business & financial analysis

Dahir Addo Arbo

Equity Partner

Fashion Industry Executive

Dante D’Angelo

Equity Partner

Chief Digital Marketing Officer, senior expertise in Media, Digital, Clientelling, CRM, eCommerce, R…

Elena Salsi

Equity Partner

Entrepreneur and Pharma executive

Elisa Crotti

Equity Partner

Passionate about new ideas and opportunities, always looking for the next challenge!

Emanuele Costa

Equity Partner

Partner and Director @BCG

Enrico Noseda

Equity Partner

Digital, Innovation

Ettore Morra

Equity Partner

Entrepreneur and Pharma Executive

Ezio Balarini

Equity Partner

Restaurants, Hospitality and Travel Expert

Fabio Moratti

Entrepreneur focused on cloud based architectures and services

Fabrizio Peroni

Entrepreneur focused on Digital services, Corporate management, Talent mentor

Fausto Caprini

Equity Partner

Retail, Digital Services

Federico Colombara

Equity Partner

Circularity, Corporate Strategy

Ferruccio Borsani


Passionate in new challenges, curious about business opportunities, real achiever in operational exc…

Francesco Ramazzotti

Equity Partner

Passionate about everything that aims to disrupt the status quo

Francesco Signoretti

Equity Partner

Serial investor and entrepreneur, former top executive banking and travel

Gianluca Bisognani

Equity Partner

Banking senior executive

Giuseppe Rivano

Equity Partner

B2B Senior Executive; Human Resources, Consulting, Market Research

Giuseppe Vironda

Equity Partner

Marketing & Digital Executive, technology enthusiast

Guido Crespi

Equity Partner

Senior partner and MD Boston Consulting Group

Guido Frisiani

Equity Partner

Passionate about the business implications of technological (r)evolution

Ilaria Carli

Equity Partner

Intellectual property and information technology lawyer

Irene Pipola

Equity Partner

Strategy consultant, Partner EY

Jacopo Passacantilli

Corporate Finance, Business Strategy, AI Technology Platform

Jean Thomas Sauerwein

Equity Partner

Banking and Finance senior manager, former McKinsey consultant

Leonardo Ambrosini

Serial entrepreneur focused on Digital services, talent mentoring and Software engineering

Lorenzo Fontanella

Equity Partner

Media, Communication and PR senior executive

Luca Gatti

Equity Partner

Partner & Associate Director presso Boston Consulting Group

Lucio Rossetto

Equity Partner

Retail Industry top executive, former McKinsey consultant

Ludovico Ruggeri Laderchi

Equity Partner

Strategy and Operations Consultant and Temporary Manager

Marco Di Dio Roccazzella

Equity Partner

Equity Partner and G. Manager at Jakala & Value Lab, where he setup the Fashion & Consumer Practice.

Marco Fanciulli

Founding partner

20+ years of expertise in the media industry, with a focus on innovative formats and technologies fo…

Marco Ficarra

Founding partner & Chairman

A travel specialist, with significant management experience in other industries

Marco Greco

Equity partner

Wholeheartedly involved in the capital markets industry for 20 years as bank executive and entrepren…

Maria Chiara Fontanella

Equity Partner

Entrepreneur, Media, Communication, and PR expert

Marta Astuti

Equity Partner

Entrepreneur, Life & Business professional Coach

Massimiliano Pappalardo

Equity Partner

Tech lawyer, fascinated by the challenges of disruptive innovation.

Massimo Ferro

Equity Partner

CFO & Corporate Strategic Director Nestlè Italiana

Matteo Greco

Founding Partner

Entrepreneur in his heart, advocate of digital destruction and executional excellence

Mauro Cucci

Equity Partner

Sales and Marketing executive, Insurance, Telco

Michele Norman Pagani

Equity Partner

HR executive Consumer Goods

Nicola Saraceno

Equity Partner

Senior Executive specialized in Direct-to-Consumer

Nicola Tanzini

Equity Partner

Entrapreneur, innovator, investor

Paolo Angelucci

Equity Partner

Entrepreneur, IT expert, former Assinform & Hitachi System CBT President

Patrizia Totaro

Equity Partner

Expert of World's leading luxury goods, a specialist in WW Customer Experience & Insight Advanced, G…

Patrizia Totaro

Expert of World’s leading luxury goods, Global Group CRM Director

Raffaele Cerchiaro

Equity Partner

Fashion and retail specialist, Jakala partner

Riccardo Casalino

Equity Partner

Brand Builder and Sales Executive

Roberto Chieppa

Equity Partner

Senior executive Marketing, Digital, eCommerce

Roberto Larocca

Equity Partner

Consultant and Entrepreneur

Roberto Rivellino

Equity Partner

Media, Retail, Finance

Roberto Romano

Equity Partner & Director

Entrepreneur, Payment and Fintech Senior Manager

Salvatore Ippolito

Equity Partner

Publishing & Digital Media top executive

Simone Canclini

Equity Partner

CEO C. Tessile Spa, President Fondazione Tessile Italiano

Stefano Babbini

Equity Partner

Enthusiastic about growing ideas. Entrepreneur in Biotech, Sustainability, and Circular Economy

Stefano Bargellini

Equity Partner

Health & Safety, Security and Property Executive Advisor

Stefano Barzaghi

Equity Partner

Senior Advisor, passionate about Technology, Media & Entertainment, Transformation Management

Stefano Bison

Equity Partner

Insurance executive, innovation enthusiast, and digital disruption believer

Stefano Core

Equity Partner

Intuitive strategist with strong analytical skills

Stefano Travaglia

Equity Partner

Entrepreneur and Satispay executive

Stefano Vitali

Founding Partner

VC founder and McKinsey senior partner

Tomaso Mansutti

Equity Partner

CEO of different Insurance Brokers & Intermediaries & Insurtechs

Valerio Fallucca

Founding partner

Executive in Retail Banking sector and creative entrepreneur