ADVISOREAT YOU DINE, WE REWARD.   The first exclusive club for consultants and businessmen which offers them advise and a single reward program based on their travel expenses: hotels, trains, flights, taxi, cars rental and restaurants.  

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Wishraiser is the Massive Experience Fundraising platform that offers its users the opportunity to win a unique experience, while supporting an important social cause of different non-profit organizations. With just a few euros, you’ll get the chance to participate and live the dream of your life. 

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Feat Food is a meal on demand service that allows customers to order and receive where and when they want, fresh, nutritionally balanced ready meals that are based on medical studies for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and tumors. In its development stage Feat Food is going omnichannel selling its products via Retail, Online and […]

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MOGU is an innovation-driven, environmentally-conscious company, dedicated to developing and scaling-up a range of mycelium-based technologies for the production of naturally-grown biomaterials and products, able to satisfy the market demand for sustainable and high-performance alternatives. Following the principles of “Circular Economy”, MOGU is researching, identifying and marketing the best industrial and commercial technologies for the production of […]

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