Welcome to Moffu Labs, the idea generator

1 October 2015

Welcome to Moffu Labs, the idea generator


Moffu Labs is a brand new concept of idea incubator where ideas originate internally and are given to young entrepreneurs for being taken care, enhanced and delivered to the market. This way we, the founders, enjoy the pure act of innovating while giving an opportunity to awesome young people.


Moffu Labs is a consulting for equity firmĀ focused on tech startups which is characterized by an hands-on approach of its founders. Will it be an in-house generated idea or a local or international startup, Moffu Labs contributes financially, helps establishing a business model and concept, finds the right people to complete the team and activates its network in several industries to sustain the go-to market strategy. Beyond the power of money, Moffu Labs provides more than 200 years worth of collective experience in business strategy, top management, innovation methods and company steering in multiple industries, from banking to media & entertainment, from Transportation to fintech and industrial design. Everything at Moffu Labs is set to let startups success and protect investors’ portfolio.